Creative sentences


When design does not consider the technical and commercial aspect, if not in the dreams and desires of the people for whom the project is focused or object.

Philippe Starck

The design was, before becoming a predominantly economic size, a cultural movement whose goal was to overcome the classical culture of the bourgeoisie.

Otl Aicher

There is a big difference between abstract design without content and abstract design with content. It can be a great manipulator of form, but if the solution is not the most suitable, does not make sense.

Paul Rand

Although many books that specify the target of typography as improving the readability of the written word, one of the most human features of the design is, in fact, help prevent readers reading.

Ellen Lupton

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Pack’s Prices


  • Graphic
  • 180
  • Anagram - Logo
  • Stationary Application
  • 300 Business Cards
  • CD original files
  • Artistic
  • 160
  • Vector / Photo / Digital painting project (still images) ... Custom (single)
  • Digital printing work (up to 1m2.) Lona / Photographic Paper / Vinyl Interior / Exterior + protective laminate
  • Original CD files Full HD Graphics
  • Web
  • 330
  • Web design
  • Content Management / automated database
  • BLOG / Ecommerce / PERSONAL WEB
  • Web + Virtual Shop (ecommerce) was increased € 80


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